To get the best out of your image we need to make sure you check a few things first:

Firstly, is the image in the correct file format, we accept JPEG, PNG, PDF and TIFF files.

Secondly we need to make sure we can get the most detail into your engraving, make sure your image is in focus, and there is a good amount of contrast.

Finally make sure that the main subject of your photo takes up a large portion of the image.

Take a look at some of our examples of good photos to get some ideas and look at examples of photos that won’t work so you know what to avoid.


Example of good and bad holiday portraits
 This is a good image, plenty of contrast, no direct sunlight and the main

subject is clear, in focus and takes up most of the image

 This is not a great image at all, the main subject should be the person

but they are far too small to engrave.

examples of good and bad group photos
 This group portrait will work well, there is a clean background, the contrast on each face is good and everyone is in focus.  While this group of friends is the main focus of the image, their faces are very small, three of the people on the left hand side will not work well at all, there won’t be much detail at all and the person on the far left will be unrecognisable. This is due to the over exposing of the photo from the sun being directly in the photo.
good examples of two person photos
 This is a good fun image that will work really well on a bottle, the image is crisp and in focus, the background is clear and the contrast on the two faces means there will be plenty of detail in the engraving.  This is a great image, the focus is sharp, there is good contrast the lighting isn’t too strong and the main subject takes up most of the image.
vintage portrait and bad portrait
 Vintage photos are very unpredictable we cannot guarantee success with these. Nor can we guarantee success with digital photos of printed photos  This is another photo that won’t engrave well at all, there is no detail at all in the face, the sunlight has washed out a lot of the contrast and detail has been lost.