How do you style the engraving?

We give engraved requests our personal touch, we view them as bottle decorations, and as such we understand that with engraved messages there can’t be a one size fits all approach. Our skilled team of engravers personally read each message and then lay out your requested text in order to provide the optimal appearance and bottle decoration. The engravers will look to add emphasis to key phrases but also provide an overall balance to your message.

Within this service we will look to bring out key messages of text as larger fonts or slightly adapting the structure of text so the flow of the message will provide a better final presentation. We may lay the text out over additional lines, remove unnecessary words or punctuation (‘To, Dad’ would simply become ‘Dad’), and rearrange text (‘Alice, Merry Christmas!’ would become ‘Merry Christmas Alice!’).

Will the text be centred?

Yes, all text is centre aligned. We also look to provide a balanced feel to your total message.

Can I have special characters engraved?

Any characters that can be found on a conventional keyboard can be engraved. We are unable to engrave emoji’s or small pictorial images

What fonts do you use?

We use a standard Sans-Serif font, this is a stylish modern font without any curly leads or tails.

Can you engrave different languages?

Yes, certainly. If you can type the language into our text fields, we can engrave it.

Where will my engraving be on the bottle?

Each bottle is different and the location of each bottle will depend on space available to fit your image. We aim to show through our product images or through the photo mock up software where each bottle is engraved.

Can any photo be engraved?

We can engrave almost any photo, there are a few conditions though, poor quality, low resolution images or images with a very small file size are difficult to make look good. An engraved image is a lot like a black and white image, so dark backgrounds against dark clothing or dark hair is going to be difficult to make out in the engraving. If your image isn't quite right for engraving we will get in touch and let you know, we may ask for another image or a bigger file. Have a look at our how to guide to get some tips on what makes a good engraved image

Will my photo look exactly like the mock up?

The mock up software used on our site is for representational purposes, its to give you a rough idea of what your bottle will look like, and so you can share it with friends. The software on the web site does not use the same process as our engraving team use, so there may be differences in the finished job for example we may remove busy backgrounds to make sure you are the main focus of the image, or, we may need to crop and resize your image a little to make sure it looks as good as it can do on the bottle.